My Latest Podcasts

Hello Readers.

I’m proud to announce the latest addition to my portfolio in the form of new podcasts and videos.  I’ve decided to start sharing what I’ve learned in the field of web development not only here on my blog, but also in audio format as well.  All for the benefit of other web development students out there. For starters, you can find my first video podcast on my YouTube channel. In this podcast, I explore some tips for better web development, including the “mobile first” approach for building mobile website layouts, some basics for working with images (as well as the various image file types), and also some features to look for in text editors for creating better code.

Additional upcoming podcasts include the following episodes:

  • The History and Evolution of Web Development
  • Web Security Tips You Need to Know

In the episode – The History and Evolution of Web Development – I explore some of the major trends and events that have shaped the field of web development over the last two decades.  These events include changing standards of HTML/CSS, the rise and fall of FLASH media, and the evolution of the mobile web, including the app industry.

The other episode – Web Security Tips You Need to Know – is pretty self-explanatory from the title.  That’s where I cover some simple yet important areas of basic website security, including login names and passwords, keeping plugins and software updated to avoid hacker exploits, and also the importance of having a good backup plan, just in case.

I plan to make more podcasting episodes available through the iTunes store.  So stay tuned to hear more.